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Client: A multinational financial services firm, with a service portfolio that includes audit and assurance, tax and consultancy, and human resources,

Goal: wanted an automated solution for error-prone manual operations that didn’t need a significant and costly IT infrastructure upgrade.

For repeated, error-prone activities, we designed an RPA solution to minimise quality and risk management efforts.The customer has saved 37% each year, and the RPA bots have significantly improved accuracy and quality while lowering risk.


Our client, who offers audit, assurance, tax, and consultancy services, as well as human resources, required a creative approach to optimise processes and automate

error-prone manual activities without requiring a significant and costly upgrade to its IT infrastructure. To serve its enormous network in five countries, they turned to Fluidech for a technological solution.


We assembled a cross-functional team of IT and business stakeholders to identify critical operations to automate after creating a roadmap to business goals.

We assisted the customer in vetting the best robotic process automation (RPA) software providers. We separated a significant obstacle from its dependencies

by engaging with the client’s leadership and technical team. We collaborated to create an RPA system that would minimise quality and risk management requirements.

Accomplished: Fluidech eliminated the need for countless hours of human effort, and the savings are projected to grow in the next year. A single RPA bot may fulfil the work of one

or more employees, and quality and risk management efforts for repetitive jobs have been completely removed.


Client: The Customer is a multi-business organisation that operates in a variety of industries, including tourism, hospitality, and restaurants. They had an IT infrastructure of over 50 servers with a variety of interconnected systems such as a travel website, CRM, a data warehouse,and others that were well maintained and met their business objectives.

They received effective management of their IT infrastructure and profited from the high availability of the IT infrastructure thanks to the DevOps methods that Fluidech presented and implemented. As a consequence of Fluidech’s DevOps engineers’ efforts, the Customer was able to improve the online business on a regular basis.


The number of the Customer’s clients was rapidly increasing together with their needs, so the Customer needed to frequently update their applications to keep their clients satisfied. To meet these and other business needs, the Customer needed their IT infrastructure properly managed, regularly enhanced without critical operational errors and system failures, and continuously monitored to make sure their web services were highly available.


Fluidech deployed a team of DevOps practitioners with system administration skills to handle the Customer’s infrastructure management duties as well as software development. We sought to substantially accelerate the delivery of new software features, repairs, and updates in accordance with the Customer’s business objectives by merging the efforts of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) professionals. The Customer’s IT architecture had three essential components that were all interconnected: a travel website, CRM, and data warehouse.

Accomplished: Fluidechs DevOps practitioners developed the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to manage the Customer’s website.


Client: Our customer is a prominent retail and wholesale company with a global presence and more than 10 lakh workers.

Goal: Struggling with an ever-increasing number of procedures and insufficient people to execute them manually, the store had to rethink how its whole business functioned, way down to the core.

 Fluidech’s methodology enabled them to find the optimum automation solutions for each operation that was chosen.Our RPA solution ensured complete process accuracy.RPA will continue to generate efficiency improvements and free up humans for mission-critical activities for the store.


In its many outlets, the client was having difficulties with the “Back office retail file report.” All of the data from hundreds of businesses that closed the day before were utilised to verify the closure information for each cash register by store managers. 

A separate sort of operation was associated with “Tax Invoices,” which required the merchant to crawl through each vendor’s website quarterly to get invoices. These operations were time-consuming and error-prone, preventing staff from being completely productive and making an impact on more customer-centric activities.


The report for each shop is now maintained on its own dedicated unique FTP server for the “Back office retail file report.” Our automation solution subsequently receives the input from the interface and collects all of the data.

It then connects to each FTP site and gets the file, before compiling all of the reports and saving them to a shared storage.

The procedure was restructured in the “Tax invoice” by using RPA Robots to automatically connect into a vendor’s website. Once logged in, the Robot reads the search filters you set up, interprets the content of documents on local drives, and merges them according to their preferences.

Accomplished: Ensured complete process accuracy and generated efficiency improvements