AutomationRetail Industry


Client: Our customer is a prominent retail and wholesale company with a global presence and more than 10 lakh workers.

Goal: Struggling with an ever-increasing number of procedures and insufficient people to execute them manually, the store had to rethink how its whole business functioned, way down to the core.

 Fluidech’s methodology enabled them to find the optimum automation solutions for each operation that was chosen.Our RPA solution ensured complete process accuracy.RPA will continue to generate efficiency improvements and free up humans for mission-critical activities for the store.


In its many outlets, the client was having difficulties with the “Back office retail file report.” All of the data from hundreds of businesses that closed the day before were utilised to verify the closure information for each cash register by store managers. 

A separate sort of operation was associated with “Tax Invoices,” which required the merchant to crawl through each vendor’s website quarterly to get invoices. These operations were time-consuming and error-prone, preventing staff from being completely productive and making an impact on more customer-centric activities.


The report for each shop is now maintained on its own dedicated unique FTP server for the “Back office retail file report.” Our automation solution subsequently receives the input from the interface and collects all of the data.

It then connects to each FTP site and gets the file, before compiling all of the reports and saving them to a shared storage.

The procedure was restructured in the “Tax invoice” by using RPA Robots to automatically connect into a vendor’s website. Once logged in, the Robot reads the search filters you set up, interprets the content of documents on local drives, and merges them according to their preferences.

Accomplished: Ensured complete process accuracy and generated efficiency improvements