Cloud migrationAutomotive Software Industry


Client: a technological product and services firm headquartered in the United States

Goal: a high-availability,low-cost hosting solution for numerous applications and platforms.

Fluidech migrated all business applications and databases from a Goa-based 3rd party data center to AWS cloud remotely bringing in 22% cost efficiency on a similar setup , yet highly available



The firm had issues with documentation maintenance and data redundancy for their on-premise data center, as well as low scalability of applications while accessing various geo-locations. Customer faced issues regarding platform compatibility due to very tightly coupled applications with complex solution architecture. These resulted in affecting the company’s capability to respond to customer transactions during peak hours.


We migrated the company’s existing data center apps and databases to the AWS Cloud, where they now operate on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. We have created a completely automated deployment platform that makes it simple for developers to migrate their apps. It’s easy to start, stop, and manage containers using the highly scalable and fast container management service.

All data and applications have been integrated and function smoothly in the cloud services environment, which is both safe and efficient.

Accomplished: Overall performance and efficiency have improved and tasks have been automated