Cyber SecurityManufacturing Industry


Client : A Delhi based printing press & design company 

Goal: They needed to optimize their network and secure design data from designers’ workstations (endpoints)

Fluidech enabled them to secure their data, fix vulnerabilities, and implement controls to mitigate their risks through customized solutions.


Manufacturers are particularly appealing targets due to their difficulty to secure old systems, valuable proprietary information, and consumer data, all of which are tied to contemporary apps and even third-party systems. The firm wanted to learn about the threats they’ll confront, develop a cybersecurity strategy to safeguard the business data and prevent regulatory exposure.


We conducted an evaluation that identified important assets and vulnerabilities, gave insight into the company’s needs and preferences in terms of data use, and helped them reach a conclusion on their overall risk tolerance. We thus implemented a comprehensive solution across all systems and built intelligence to protect data from breaches.

Accomplished: Data protection and security.