Cyber SecurityHealthCare Industry


Client: A well-known healthcare insurance company that is subject to HIPAA laws and must guarantee that personal health information is protected with adequate physical and electronic protections.

Goal: A security solution platform to improve organisations cybersecurity health by introducing the solution to its affiliates.

 We offered the security platform to educate stakeholders in the human resources    and legal departments about current threats and hazards, allowing for cross-departmental initiatives to increase organisational awareness.


The firm struggled to conduct a streamlined investigation of possible hazards and cybersecurity procedures at all of its affiliates.

As a result, affiliate integrations were inefficient. It was difficult to both onboard new affiliates and assist them in meeting the needed standards and best practises.


Firm uses our Security Solution to ensure the security of its clients’ data by providing clients with security score evaluations or revealing these results throughout the RFP process. And also offer further independent verification of the cybersecurity procedures of the firm and its vendors demonstrating the efficacy of the company’s continuous monitoring programme

Accomplished: Secured organisations cybersecurity health