Cyber Security

The world of technology is continuously evolving: SaaS, IoT, and Cloud computing re-define existing networks and infrastructures. Cybersecurity has become central issue in today's world; we need to trust the people and technologies we use every day to maintain our information and systems.

Assessment/ Consulting Services

Our team of cyber security engineers can help you meet your current and future security needs, whether that means implementing best practices or working around high-level government rules and regulations to find protection within your budget.

Fluidech Cyber Security service delivers an independent, dedicated, and consistent external cyber security evaluation program, together with one-on-one advisory services by certified security engineers. It offers an unbiased assessment of your current defenses, identifies potential gaps in your current cyber security posture, and provides recommendations for improvement.

Managed IT security services
Endpoint security solutions
Cloud security
Cyber analytics
Threat protection
Network security management
IoT security

Transformation / Integration Services

The solution design and architecture depends on the specific business needs, type of data being protected, industry vertical, etc., so it is important to know how these factors influence it when planning for your project.

Cyber security solutions are getting increasingly complex. New attack vectors are added into the mix, which can easily turn an average security solution into a susceptible one. Security solutions should be designed with flexibility in mind to avoid potential problems arising out of network devices not being able to support each other’s functionality.

Solution Design & Architecture
Implementation of security solutions, risk mitigation fixes/ procedures
Security Implementation: Data, Network, Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud, Hosts, Endpoints, and Mobility
Integration of products / tools

Managed Security Services

The purpose of this service is to help the customer in managing their security infrastructure and services, so they can focus on core business.

Cyber security is a critical business process to protect your organization from attacks and data breaches. In fact, it’s more important than ever due to the rise of cloud computing services and mobile platforms that have put us all at risk of being hacked. There are many different ways to approach cyber security. One of the most popular approaches is managed services, where a third party provides support for your technology, including consulting and monitoring. This approach encourages best practices through a proactive system rather than a reactive one.

SOC setup & management
Fraud & Risk Management
Ongoing vulnerability Management
Threat Management
InfraSec, AppSec, WebSec, SecaaS
Device Management as a Service for DLP, data protection
Audits & GRC
BCP / DR Management
Dashboard & Periodic reports

Case Studies

Following are a few case studies you may find useful for your future project with us.